How Damage Contractors Can Help Clients to Avoid Foundation Damages

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How Damage Contractors Can Help Clients to Avoid Foundation Damages

12 January 2018
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Repairing a damaged foundation can be costly because you might have to leave your home for a few days and stay at a hotel. The sad news is that most homeowners do not know when their foundation is showing signs of damage and they end up waiting too long. As a foundation contractor, there is nothing a client would love more than getting tips on how they can prevent foundation damage or reduce the cost of foundation repairs. This article discusses a few pointers that you can offer to your clients.

Inspect the Foundation -- There are clear signs that will indicate foundation issues with one being visible cracks. Most often than not, homeowners tend to ignore the half-foot-crack on the outside of the house. While this might sound small, it is a clear indication that the foundation needs to be assessed. Nonetheless, your clients should take time and inspect their houses by looking for cracks, mildew, and rotting in the case of wooden houses. Cracks that appear on the floor are also a sign that the foundation has problems. Notably, taking care of smaller breaks is the cheaper option for your clients. They should not have to wait until the crack develops into a gaping space on a wall.

Landscaper Consultation -- Your clients might be wondering what a landscaper has to do with taking care of their foundation. Well, trees have different root sizes as well as moisture content, which can be detrimental a foundation. For instance, if your client has a tree growing right next to the house, its roots will force their way into the foundation thereby causing significant damage. Additionally, trees that drain the soil of its moisture due to poor watering habits could cause cracking on the side of the house. Ideally, it is recommended that trees should be planted at least 25ft away from the foundation of a major structure. 

Bi-Annual Plumbing Checks -- Plumbing leaks are considered the number one cause of foundation problems. When water leaks from one or two pipes, the water gets absorbed into the foundation which gets weakened by the day. Damage might take a long time to show; therefore, if your clients do not inspect their plumbing, then there is the likelihood that their foundations will get damaged. Calling a plumber to examine the entire plumbing system twice a year will help to avoid further damage if a leak is found.