Industrial Building Demolition: An Introduction

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Industrial Building Demolition: An Introduction

15 December 2021
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Demolishing old structures is an essential step in creating new building projects. Each year, thousands of commercial and industrial buildings are torn down to construct new buildings or clear spaces for other purposes such as parking lots. However, industrial buildings can be difficult to demolish. The process is complex, and there are many factors to consider. Demolition contractors will take several steps to safely and efficiently demolish an industrial building. Read on to discover more!

Hazardous materials

The first step a contractor will take is to remove any hazardous materials from the building. Hazardous materials are asbestos, lead paint, chemicals and other potentially harmful substances. These materials need to be appropriately disposed of to protect the public and the surrounding environment. Any hazardous waste will be placed in a sealed container and clearly labelled before being transported to a secure processing site.

Building demolition

After all hazardous materials have been removed, the building will be demolished. Industrial buildings are challenging to destroy because heavy-gauge steel is often used in their construction. This means that the beams, columns and other structural supports will be thicker than those found in residential buildings. These thicker beams require stronger cutting tools to be chopped up for recycling.

When demolishing an industrial building, contractors use safe demolition techniques when tearing down these structures. Doing so ensures that everyone involved remains safe during the process and minimal disruption to the surrounding environment. First, they cut the beams and columns using plasma cutters. This method is preferred because it produces less dust and debris compared to other techniques such as using explosives. The beam is removed in sections where possible. If a supporting beam cannot be cut and removed, contractors will dismantle the structure around it before slicing the beam.

Clean up

Once the structure's exterior is demolished, the crew will use jackhammers to break up any concrete flooring. The concrete will be collected and transported away in trucks. Once the demolition is complete, The contractor must clean up the site. This includes removing debris and waste materials generated by the demolition process. 

This demolition process itself is not simple and requires a professional contractor's knowledge to ensure its completion in an efficient manner. If you would like more information about this subject, you should contact a local demolition team today. A member of the crew will be happy to inspect your industrial structure before offering further information.