What Are the Signs That You're Foundation Needs Underpinning?

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What Are the Signs That You're Foundation Needs Underpinning?

16 July 2020
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Underpinning is the process of restoring house foundations that are failing. During the process, experts dig under existing footing to find out the extent of the damage on the foundation. That way, they can find the main cause of the damage to the foundation. Understanding when underpinning is necessary for your structure is important. You can then call the damage repair contractors to handle the issue before it is too late. Look out for these signs to know when your structure needs foundation underpinning.

Cracks in the Walls

One of the most common warning signs of foundation damage is cracking walls. Once you begin seeing cracks in the walls, then you may need to work with underpinning specialists. Do not wait to see big wall cracks. These cracks will start small in most cases. They then expand as the problem continues to develop. You will mostly notice these cracks inside your home. But sometimes they can appear in your home's exterior. That is why you should never ignore a crack, no matter how small it is. Call the experts to inspect the structure to find out if underpinning is necessary. 

Unlevelled Floors

Uneven floors are not as obvious as wall cracks. But if you begin to notice a lean on one side or more, then your building has serious foundation problems. In serious situations, you can stand on one side then see the house sloping when looking down a corridor. When the floors are not levelled, it can lead to misalignment of the doors. A spirit level can help you find out how unlevel the rooms are. You can also place a ball on different spots in a room to see if it will roll to any specific direction. Experts, however, have the right tools to find out the extent of the structural damage. 

Home Leans to One Side

There are other reasonable reasons why your walls are cracking, or the floors are uneven. But once your house begins to lean towards one direction, it is a sure sign of foundation damage. In such cases, hiring underpinning experts is the best solution. It is vital not to allow your structure to get to this point. That is why you should look out for other small signs of foundation issues. That way, you can hire the experts to fix them before they escalate. 


As a homeowner, it is critical to keep analysing the condition of your property. Your home is a significant investment, and you should work to protect it. Thus, call the damage repair experts to fix any issues with the foundation. These experts are sure to handle the issue and make sure you have a firm foundation. If you think you may need foundation underpinning, contact a damage contractor in your area.