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Repairing storm damage

Our school got a significant amount of storm damage this year. It's sure been a wild winter. It's very important for us to have a safe school without any damage buildings or equipment posing extra risks to our students, staff or community members. It can be hard to get damage contractors out quickly after severe storms because they are so busy so it's important to have existing relationships with contractors so that you can get quick service. This blog is all about forming relationships with damage contractors before you have damage so that you can get a school, home or other building repaired as quickly as possible.


Why Epoxy Flooring Is A Must For Your Business

19 October 2022
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No two businesses are run exactly the same way, as each has its own problems to solve and issues to deal with, as well as individual perspectives that are brought to each company by their owner and staff. However, that does not mean no two businesses have similar needs, and one area where all commercial properties are aligned is what flooring would benefit them the most. Epoxy flooring has been around for decades now, and many businesses are utilising its amazing benefits to great effect. Read More …